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Normally films are booked on Monday. Information is updated by Tuesday & Friday 
​(Program subject to change)
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The Sierra Theatre at  819 Main St Susanville     will reopen when new releases are
made available by the film companies
Discount Matinees
for adults $2 off regular price
(Times in RED)
Uptown Cinemas   501 Main St Susanville     
4 Screens

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Some Thursday
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*Shows before 6pm 
Adult Discount 
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*Shows before 6pm 
Adult Discount 
(Times in RED with *)
    According to CAL OSHA patrons are required to wear a face covering while entering, purchasing concession items, using the bathroom, and exiting unless they have a medical condition for which proof is not required. We have a supply of masks for free for ticket purchasers.
    Debra Marsino has organized this fundraiser: Help save the Susanville Theaters
Local Susanvillians and surrounding areas, I recently reached out to the movie theater owners out of concern and was informed that they're struggling to keep the theaters afloat during the Covid-19 closures. 
Please, help save our theaters! It would be such a shame to lose one of our only entertainment venues in our small town.
 Any donation amount will help--even if it's small! 
Feel free to donate via this GoFundMe page or you can directly Venmo. Venmo username is: @SierraTheatreandUptownCinemas 
A small fee per GoFundMe donation is taken out, so we thought it'd be a good idea to put Venmo as an option as well. 
We have an amazing community and I know there are many of us who care about the Theaters and love watching the new films they release. 
Thank you so much for your generosity! It's deeply appreciated! 
Please feel free to share this on social media to spread the word.

Thru Monday 1/18 & Thursday 1/21 
*Matinees before 6pm are discounted $2 for "Adult" price.
​Tom Hanks stars in the action adventure drama as a Civil War veteran who agrees to deliver a girl, to 
family after she was taken by the Kiowa people years ago against her will.
"News of the World" (PG-13)  2hrs 10min
Thurs & Fri *3:45 & 6:35 🎞 Sat thru Mon  *2:30 & 6:35  
To go items can be purchased inside. 
If you prefer order by text to (530)250-5316, pay at the outside ticket window and we will bring it out. Cash is preferred if possible. 
We cannot answer calls or accept voice mails. 
But, questions can be emailed to 
To order simply text your name, when you want to pick up, the quantity of "A Heap of Popcorn" bags (specify buttered or it will be plain), 
Kernel Seasons Flavorings (specifically Butter, Kettle Corn, Nacho Cheddar, Ranch, or White Cheddar), etc. and we will text back the total due. Please have patience with us.
Thru Monday 1/18 & Thursday 1/21
Adults & Sen Citizens $5 and Children 3-12 $3
​The classic from 2001 and first in the series in which an orphaned boy enrolls in a school of wizardry, where he learns the truth about himself, his family and the terrible evil that haunts the magical world.
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (PG)  2hrs 40min
Thurs & Fri 3:30 & 6:30 🎞 Sat thru Mon 2:00 & 6:30 
Thru Monday 1/18 & Thursday 1/21
*Matinees before 6pm are discounted $2 for "Adult" price
​Liam Neeson stars in the action thriller as a rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely 
defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.
"The Marksman" (PG-13)  1hr 55min
Thurs & Fri *4:00 & 6:45 🎞 Sat thru Mon  *2:15 & 6:45 
Now until 7pm any day we are open
Thru Monday 1/18 & Thursday 1/21
Adults & Sen Citizens $5 and Children 3-12 $3
​Lego Bruce Wayne and his adopted sidekick must deal with the usual suspects as they plan to take 
over Gotham city in this classic animated action comedy.
"LEGO Batman" (2017) (PG)  1hr 55min
Thurs & Fri 4:10 🎞 Sat thru Mon 2:45  
Thru Monday 1/18 & Thursday 1/21
Adults & Sen Citizens $5 and Children 3-12 $3
​Tom Cruise stars in his breakout role in the classic comedy crime drama from 1983 in which things get 
out of hand when a Chicago teen looks for a fun time at home while his parents are away.
"Risky Business" (R)  1hr 50min
Fri thru Mon & Thurs 7:00