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Sierra Theatre   819 Main St Susanville     
2 Screens     2D & 3D
Discount Matinees
All seats only $6.00 2D and $8 3D before 6pm
(Times in RED)
Uptown Cinemas   501 Main St Susanville     
4 Screens

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Some Thursday
(Times in **BLUE)
Now playing thru Wednesday 4/24  Lower Level
Eva Green, Michael Keaton, and Colin Farrell star in the live action fantasy for the 
family in which a young flying elephant helps save a struggling circus.
Dumbo (PG) (2hrs 5min)

Fri-Sun 6:30 & 8:55, Mon-Weds 6:30 
Discount Matinees Daily thru Sun 4/21 *1:00, Monday thru Wednesday 4/22-24 *4:00
Now playing thru at least Thursday 4/25 
Jason Clarke and John Lithgow star in the thrilling horror film in which a family 
finds that sometimes dead is better after burying their cat in an eerie cemetery.
Pet Sematary (R) (1hr 50min)

Now playing thru at least Thursday 4/25
In this action, adventure, fantasy with a little magic a streetwise 14-year-old foster 
kid can turn into an adult superhero.
SHAZAM! (PG-13) (2hrs 20min)

Fri-Sun 8:30, Mon-Thurs 7:10   
Fri-Sun 6:20 & 8:55, Mon-Thurs 6:20  
Now playing thru Wednesday 4/24 Upper Level
Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an 
ancient sorceress bent on revenge in the action, adventure, fantasy.
Hellboy (R) (2hrs 10min)

Fri-Sun 6:50 & 9:15, Mon-Weds 6:50 
Now playing thru at least Thursday 4/25 
A trio of explorers travel the world to help find long-lost relatives in the fabled valley 
of Shangri-La in the animated adventure comedy.
Missing Link (PG) (1hr 45min)

Thru Sun 6:35 
Now playing thru at least Thursday 4/25 
In this horror-mystery-thriller a social worker and her own kids are drawn into a 
frightening supernatural realm after ignoring an eerie warning from a troubled mother.
The Curse of La Llorona (R) (1hr 45min)

Starting with advance shows Thursday 4/25 in 2D & 3D
Tickets now on sale-Sorry no passes
With the universe in ruins and the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble 
once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe.
Avengers: Endgame (PG-13) (3hrs 10min)

Discount Matinees Daily thru Sun 4/21 *2:10, Mon thru Thursday 4/22-25 *3:45
Discount Matinees Daily thru Sun 4/21 *1:30, Monday thru Wednesday 4/22-24 *3:50
Discount Matinee Daily thru Sun 4/21 *2:20, Monday thru Thursday 4/22-25 *5:00
Now playing thru at least Thursday 4/25 
In this drama Abby Johnson one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors in 
the US resigns, becoming a pro-life activist.
Unplanned (R) (2hrs)

Fri-Sun 7:15 & 9:15, Mon-Thurs 7:15 
Discount Matinee Daily Fri thru Sun 4/21 *2:30, Mon thru Thurs 4/22-25 *5:05
Fri-Sun 6:35 & 8:50, Mon-Thurs 6:35 
Discount Matinee Daily Fri thru Sun 4/21 *2:00, Mon thru Thurs 4/22-25 *4:00
Daily 3D Upper Level 6:00 & 2D Lower Level 7:10, Plus Thurs-Sun 4/25-28 2D Upper Level 9:30
Discount Matinees Daily as of Friday 2D Lower Level *3:35
Plus Saturday and Sunday 2D Lower Level *12:00 and 3D Upper Level *2:20
*Shows before 6pm 
$6.00 2D & $8 3D 
(Times in RED with *)
*Shows before 6pm 
$6.00 2D & $8 3D 
(Times in RED with *)