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Normally films are booked on Monday. Information is updated by Tuesday & Friday 
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Sierra Theatre   819 Main St Susanville     
2 Screens     2D & 3D
Discount Matinees
for adults $2 off regular price
(Times in RED)
Uptown Cinemas   501 Main St Susanville     
4 Screens

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Some Thursday
(Times in **BLUE)
*Shows before 6pm 
Adult Discount 
(Times in RED with *)
*Shows before 6pm 
Adult Discount 
(Times in RED with *)
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
Gerard Butler, Piper Perabo, and Morgan Freeman star in this action movie in 
which a Secret Service Agent is framed for trying to assassinate the president.
Angel Has Fallen (R) (2hrs 10min)

Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
Three boys skip school with accidentally stolen drugs go on an adventure while being 
hunted by teenage girls and trying to make it home in time for a party in this adventure comedy.
Good Boys (R) (1hr 40min)

Fri-Sun 9:15 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:20 Mon-Fri *4:15
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
After their first encounter with Pennywise twenty-seven years ago as well as growing 
up and moving away, the Losers Club is brought back by a devastating phone call.
It: Chapter 2  (R) (3hrs) 

Fri & Sat 6:00 & 9:15, Sun-Thurs 6:30 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinees *1:00 Fri-Mon *2:45 
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
From the makers of “The War Room” is the inspirational sports-drama a high-school 
basketball coach volunteers to coach a trouble teen in long-distance running.
Overcomer (PG) (2hrs 10min)

Fri-Sun 6:20 & 8:45, Mon-Thurs 6:20 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:00 Mon-Fri *3:45
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
Hustlers (R) (2hrs) 
Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Constance Wu and move star in the comedy crime drama follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

Fri-Sun 6:45 & 9:05, Mon-Thurs 6:45 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *1:20 Mon-Fri *3:30
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
Rambo: Last Blood (R) (1hr 40min)
Sylvester Stallone and Paz Vega star in this action adventure thriller in which Rambo 
has to confront his past and revert back to ruthless combat skills to get revenge.

Fri-Sun 7:10 & 9:10, Mon-Thurs 7:10 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:30 Mon-Fri *4:00
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/26
Ad Astra (PG-13) (2hrs 15min)
Brad Pitt stars as an astronaut who goes on a mission across the solar system to 
uncover the truth of what happened to his missing father in the adventure mystery drama.

Fri-Sun 6:35 & 9:05, Mon-Thurs 6:35 🎞 Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:10 Mon-Fri *3:40
We have GREAT NEWS-We have revived Tightwad Tuesday!
Unless indicated by a 🚫, due to film company restrictions.
Now on Tuesday only all films, all seats, all day, are only $5.50!

(Please remember no outside food or beverages allowed.
As the film companies charge up to 65% and credit card fees are 3% we 
will obviously only profit from concession sales-Thank you!)
Please don't be inconvenienced, but if you can pay cash we LOVE it!
💲Tightwad Tuesday💲