Accessibility Options for the Hearing and Visually Impaired 
Many previews/trailers and pre-show ads do not have descriptive narration or closed captioning.
Visually impaired narration and closed captioning is available 
on all movies where it has been provided by the studio.
Not all titles are complainant.

Assisted Listening
ALD devices are wireless head seats that receive a signal that allows 
users with some hearing loss to customize the volume to their liking.

Closed Captioning
Closed captioning devices are a small lCD screen attached to an angled flex
 arm with a base and built in cup holder that fits into the theater seat arm.
The device receives the captions via infrared signal from a transmitter in the auditorium. 
Prior to the feature, the device displays famous movie quotes to assist positioning. 

Descriptive Audio/Visually Impaired Narration
Audio description is additional verbal commentary of visuals 
during the film and is heard through headphones provided. 
It can include descriptions of different visual elements, 
including scenes, actions, settings, and costumes.

(Headphones provide DC and AC magnetic fields to drive automatic switching tele coils in hearing aids 
and include a 3.5mm jack to drive neck loops or direct audio inputs on hearing aids and implants.)

There is no additional charge to check out head phones or caption units, 
but you will need to leave a current photo ID or credit card. 

The above logos confirm which titles are descriptive audio or captioning compliant. 
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