Moviepass Information
Sierra Theatre & Uptown Cinemasis passing along MoviePass information as a convenience to it's customers in hopes they will investigate this money saving opportunity, as some have.
We are not affiliated with Moviepass and do not accept liability.
Please check it out and make your own decision.

What is MoviePass?

    In August of 2017, MoviePass announced it slashed its rate to $9.95 a month. The service, allows subscribers to see one film a day in theaters nationwide with the exception of some AMC theatres in very large markets. (Sierra Theatre and Uptown Cinemas are listed on the MoviePass website, as theatres that accept it). We have had customers use it and it works.
    There are two components to MoviePass: the smartphone app and the physical card it sends you once you sign up. After you receive your card, you can create an account in the app and begin watching movies.
    When you open the MoviePass app, you'll find a list of theaters near you. If you want to see other theaters available through your subscription, simply change the ZIP code to your desired location.
    Selecting a theater brings up a list of show times. MoviePass does not let you look at different dates, so you can browse only the current day's times.
MoviePass works for only standard films, so any Imax or 3D showings will be grayed out, and you will not be able to select them.
    To ensure that only the subscriber is the one using the service — and not, say, a friend or family member — MoviePass will not let you check in at a movie until the GPS on your smartphone senses that you are within 100 yards of the theater.
Once you're near the theater, select your showtime. 
    Hit "check in," and the app will inform you that the funds have been transferred to your MoviePass debit card. Occasionally, the app will require you to enter the last four digits of your card number to authenticate the purchase.
    After that, use your MoviePass card as you would an ordinary debit card.